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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Note: If You Were Planning to Visit the Mendez B&B, You Better Read This . . .

This should be filed in the "If Life Gives You Lemons" category.

If you were planning to visit Madrid and stay with us, you might want to check your plans. You could still go, of course, but you wouldn't be staying with us.

Mainly, because we won't be there.

This past Wednesday, after one thing and another, the wonderful US Government changed their minds, and decided that they want Joel to stay and work here in DC instead.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We had that little freak-out and "What the . . ." moment, too. But, as it is, we serve where they tell us to serve and go where they tell us to go, and that's that.

No, we're not thrilled with the change of plans. Mainly, because they changed our (ahem, let's be honest, my) plans. And yes, that is a bit of leftover bad attitude there. I do not do well with change, and I especially do not do well when my plans are messed with.

Oh well, se la vie. Deep breath, move on, and all that.

And yet, we ARE thrilled with the change of plans. We like our little life here. We enjoy our friends, our church, our bit of America. Many of our past Embassy-world friends have returned to the DC area as well. In fact, for the past two months, I've been saying, "Wouldn't it be nice if we could stay? Oh well." and "I wish we didn't have to leave." You know, those things you say when you don't actually think they will ever happen. Except it did.

The girls are actually ECSTATIC about staying. They are in love with the few friends they've made so far, the church, etc. Lily is especially in love with her Sunday School teacher. I've taken to threatening her that if she doesn't _______, that I will tell on her, and it works. So, the girls are excited. Now we get to do VBS and summer programs and all of that. They are going to have a total blast.

We would have appreciated a bit more warning, though. Cause, well, I could have planned. I could have been prepared.

Since Wednesday, we've been "home hunting" nonstop. Trying to find something bigger than a shoebox that isn't "living on Main Street in Disney World" prices. And today we finally found it.

We'll be in Annandale, for those of you that know the area.

We found a great apartment, in very good condition (which is a miracle in itself, really), with a pool on the complex and multiple playgrounds, and lots of natural light, and new carpets and decent cabinets. (What is DC's obsession with carpet, by the way? We saw a billion apartments and they have carpet everywhere, even in the dining room area. One of them we saw had carpet in the bathroom!) Pretty good commute for Joel and close enough for us to still attend our church and be active there. The neighborhood isn't the ritziest, but it's safe and full of families and has security and all that. And walking distance to a Safeway grocery store. All in all, we're very happy with our new home.

I've already ordered a bunk bed and dining room table online from Walmart, and have my list ready to go purchase at IKEA tomorrow. Add a couple of mattresses, and as soon as all of that is delivered and assembled (by someone else, because we all know Joel and I aren't the least bit handy) we can have our stuff delivered back to us and we can move out of this hotel.

The hotel has been very good to us, but we are very ready to move the heck on.

Obviously, you guys are still more than welcome to visit here, and if sleeping on the floor is not really your style, our complex has a furnished guest suite you can rent by the night at a price that is MUCH LESS than anything you will pay at a hotel. We can still provide the Mendez B&B experience, it just won't be the international version!

So, that's our update and our life recently in a nutshell. I hope you are all living a much less eventful life, and I look forward to regaling you all with our tales of pure boredom very very soon.

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Lisa Adams said...

Julie, glad to hear of you "adventures" and your new home. By the way, how did the IKEA run go? Love that place.